If the only reason you have in contacting me; is so that you can attempt to convince me, that I need to hire you to design my sites on my domain, save both of us the waste of time with the phone call and JUST DON'T.

I am sick and tired of being called by random numbers all over the United States at all times of the day, by individuals who are either from India, or are calling from India using a spoofed number. I have ZERO INTEREST in spending money I don't need to be spending.

I have a degree in Web Design & Development, and do not need outside help in the design and development of my domain. I also have ZERO INTEREST in handing over the administrative control of my domain to some complete strangers.

Do both of us the favour and JUST QUIT CALLING. I am getting tired of having to block your phone numbers. I work the graveyard shift, and the last thing I need while I am trying to sleep, is being called during the daytime hours when I should be sleeping — by individuals who haven't picked up the clue since I launched the domain in February. If I haven't enlisted in your services during any of the proceeding nine months... What makes you believe I would have any interest in doing so now?

I sincerely hope, that this message on my site is enough of an indicator so that you may understand, and respect my request, and just LEAVE ME ALONE.